Harmony, creativity and quality

Grošelj d.o.o. is an established and trusted company with 25 years of tradition and experience in treatment of composite materials.

Dental Suction System

Safety for you, your staff and your patients

POOI is simple and safe to use and does not require any additional technical knowledge and training.

POOI can be located inside or outside the operation room.

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Practical application

Composite materials are used in a number of configurations including kitchen counter tops and bathrooms as well as interior home additions, and are much appreciated by people who only wish to pamper themselves with quality and comfort.
Highly resistant to weather conditions, it enables fabrication of facades, porches, window shelves, and tokens, or it can be used as interior home addition for a perfect home image.

Our experience

In 1994 we were among the first to specialize in Kerrock® processing. Our success is an outcome of in-depth and updated knowledge which nowadays puts us side by side with the best manufacturers of composite materials. Within these years we have formed a team of skilled professionals and set up a technologically advanced composite materials manufacturing plant to fit the most exacting standards and specifications. We have also acquired a certification from an official Kerrock® manufacturer. After we had finished a training course abroad and passed examination of our products and capabilities, we acquired the DuPont™ Corian® Quality Network certification and memberhsip for the fabrication of DuPont™ Corian®.